At TradersChoice, we offer a great service whereby our trading team sends out messages via Telegram to a wide variety of members of exact trades that we participate in.


  • We will send a message with the currency pair, whether its a BUY or SELL and also include our chosen Stop Losses and Take Profits for the trades. But don’t worry, you will be taught how to place trades correctly before even thinking about entering! This way, you can benefit from our own trades as we all make a profit in the long run.
  • Yes we do lose trades and that is part of the game, however we aim to gain bigger wins and cut losses small, so don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • We are a profitable team of traders giving you a chance to be a part of our consistent service, don’t listen to other services claiming to have 80% or even 90% win rate, because in reality, the average profitable trader has a win ratio of around 50-70% as there is a lot more to it than just winning trades!
  • Our signals are extremely beginner friendly, allowing you to jump straight on with ease whilst you get the hang of our trading platform and messages.
  • All trades come with analysis and explanation as to why we have placed that trade, just to keep our members informed with that extra certainty to trade comfortably.

All members are able to contact our support for any questions or concerns and we aim to assist your trading journey at the best we can.

Mentorship Programme

Traders Choice offer a unique mentorship programme to help develop and improve key Forex skills and abilities to advance your analysis & trading decisions to the next level. The programme is designed for all users of experience, whether you are new to trading or if you need that extra guidance to enhance your analysis and mindset towards placing trades.

At Traders Choice we can 100% guarantee you will be able to trade with more confidence through our programme than before you started with us. We’ve had people with no experience at all now enjoying trading without so much fear of risk.

Key Features

Our mentorship programme involves:

  • Educational live streams & online videos.
  • Weekly analysis live streams.
  • Live trading sessions.
  • Trades that you can copy and learn.
  • 24/7 support & guidance.
  • Be included in an extremely friendly group chat with other learning traders, discussing trades based of what is learnt.

Our videos include

  • Identifying trends
  • Support resistance areas
  • Shift in market environment
  • Adapting your strategy to different market conditions
  • Rejection trading & consolidations
  • Channel trading
  • Wedge reversal patterns
  • Trading mindset, risk management & handling losses
  • Break & retest strategy
  • Ascending/ descending triangle patterns
  • Head & shoulder patterns
  • Plus many more.

Account Management

The account management is designed for the user to come to an agreement with the contractor for personal use of their MetaTrader4 account. This allows our team of experts (with over 20 years of experience working within the trading floors for major banks) to automatically place trades on your behalf; we have a dedicated service primarily to the user in terms of individual trades being placed external from our current signal service.