Account Management

What we provide

The account management is designed for the user to come to an agreement with the contractor for personal use of their MetaTrader4 account. This allows our team of experts (with over 20 years of experience working within the trading floors for major banks) to automatically place trades on your behalf; we have a dedicated service primarily to the user in terms of individual trades being placed external from our current signal service.

Active trades can be open for a variety of time periods; hours, days, weeks, etc. these are trades placed with minimal risk applied and only if necessary to ensure returns are stable and consistent. All trades will be activated with correct entries and exits to what is strategically predicted by our team, therefore, in no discretion should the user interfere with active trades placed on their account.

Our risk management technique follows accordingly without question. The amount traded per position will be determined based on the exit ranges, risk of trade, currency pairs and amount of positions required.

*By applying our strict risk management rule we can guarantee the first deposit will not exceed below 70%*

Minimal risk will be entitled within the first month of the account management however returns are still expected positive. Personal details will be required alongside contact details for weekly updates that will be sent in the format of: closed profit/ loss, floating profit/ loss and pairs traded with pip count. Weekly updates can be sent via text, WhatsApp or E-mail by the contractor if chosen. 

The user will also receive 24/7 support by the contractor via WhatsApp to offer support and guide the user through any concerns or questions. Our team will also send out an assessed invoice before payment is made. 

The user will be required to create a trading account with our partnered broker, AVATrade or BDSWISS depending on the payment plan. 

Your Rights

As the user, you have the rights to:

  • Deposit at any time, with regards to monthly payment.
  • Withdraw at any time, with regards to monthly payment.
  • Ask for updates on profits/ losses with your contractor.
  • Access your account (once asked the contractor for permission).
  • Discuss deposits and withdrawals.

We strongly advise that the user does not:

  • Interfere with active trades.
  • Change the layout of currency pairs in the “quotes” section on the MetaTrader 4 app.
  • Attempt to compromise payment after agreed contract.
  • Enter own trades out of discretion.

Our Rights

As the contractor, we have the rights to:

  • Assess payment based on the end of month.
  • Access the users MetaTrader 4 account at any time
  • Receive payment automatically via Stripe payment service
  • Terminate accounts if necessary- due to exploitation of our service.

We are not permitted to:

  • Access funds through the users trading account
  • Provide false information of profits/ losses
  • Take a commission fee from the user
  • Take any other fee or payment other than our agreed payment plan.
  • Share the user’s personal details with any third party except for our team of
    expert traders.

Payment Methods

Please note: There are no upfront payments in regards to your deposit. The account management service is free of charge for the initial 30 days.

A £1 deposit is required to verify your bank details. This way, our team can easily adapt the subscription payments to your tier.

Our standard tier starts at £50 per month. This is for portfolios in the range of £300 up to £1000. The required broker is AVATRADE.

Our advanced tier starts at £100 per month. This is for portfolios in the range of £1000 up to £3000. The required broker is AVATRADE.

Our premium tier offers a flexible payment method of a 50/50 profit split for portfolios of £3000 and above. The required broker is BDSWISS. Payment is still excepted through our subscription method (card payment) although withdrawals from an account with BDSWISS are processed the next working day.