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Multiple services offered for all skill levels.


Follow our trades from your phone! We use Telegram app to send out profitable trades for you to copy and create a second income. You will receive full guidance on how to use the trading platform before you start trading with us.

Mentorship Programme

Want to learn how to trade Forex yourself? Our content is completely beginner friendly to allow you to trade with a lot more confidence!

Account Management

Allow our team of experts to handle a trading account with your own funds. This is perfect for those who don’t have time to copy our trades but still want to be a part of the Forex industry!

What We Do

We are a team of investors who trade in the Foreign Exchange financial market. Therefore, we trade currency pairs such as the Euro to Dollar (EURUSD) or the Great British Pound to the Japanese Yen (GBPJPY) and a lot more. We we trade in terms to either BUY or SELL a currency pair, so when we BUY we expect the price value to rise, or when we want to SELL a pair we expect the price value to decrease.

Exactly how we trade is by analysing charts of these currency pairs through our trading platform so we can use a collection of technical and fundamental analysis to predict the next direction of price.

Trading History

You can view our trading history of our team’s performance since the start of this year, including our wins, losses and break-even trades.

Why choose us ?

What makes us different to other forex services?
We are a dedicated team to help advance your way to the top of the Forex industry. We know there are a lot of other services who take advantage of beginners, but we try to stop this trait by introducing our honest, transparent and consistent services. Our community of new traders continues to grow day by day and we can guarantee that our services is the right choice for you.

Proven Results

Our client results are shown over instagram almost every single day. Also including our own results, we regularly update our teams profits so you can keep up to date on how we get on! Client profit screenshots are included within each month of our track record.

24/7 Support & Guidance 

You will receive our full guidance on how to place trades, how to analyse charts, and also how to use ‘Stop Losses’ and ‘Take Profits’.
We will always try our best to ensure you are comfortable before risking your funds.

Bonus Content

We also offer bonus content for FREE when you join our services, such as our weekly analysis channel on Telegram and consolidation trading checklist!

Flexible Prices

Our services offer a wide variety of flexible payment plans suited best for you. At extremely low prices for our hard work it’s a risk Not to join us.


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

The mentor ship programme and the guide are so good! The guide was really informative and was a real help alongside the videos can’t wait for the next update!
Streams/videos are also really helpful with you highlighting and taking us step by step through it but I think the best part is the chat cause you actually respond like whether we’re right or wrong or the analysis is just a little off you got an answer and you’re there to help! My knowledge and grown so much and I feel so much more confident, buzzing to see what the rest brings!


Uses Signals and Mentorship Programme.

I have been on this programme since it started and I have learnt a lot. I can now confidently put on trades and understand the different charts and what they show, this is due to the programme. I have had a lot of success using the methods shown to me and I have been able to demonstrated my understanding by the amount of money I have gotten back from my own trades. Which I really appreciate massively. The amount of work that goes in is insane!


Uses Signals and Mentorship Programme.

To tell the truth I was following another guy’s signals, but the outcome was the same – I lost money with them. Good that I stopped placing trades with them after a couple of days of almost constant loosing.
So I really appreciate the effort and quality of service you are providing with the support, adequate risk management, explanation/analysis of potential and placed trades. I believe that in no time you will be No.1 in this market and I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn from you!


Uses Signals.